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Rasul Experience

The Rasul treatment dates back hundreds of years and was an ancient Arabic bathing ritual using mineral-rich mud along with heat and steam. Head to the scrub bar and choose your favourite scented scrub, step into the rasul, and apply from top to toe, deeply cleansing the skin, then relax whilst steam fills the room to open your pores, allowing for a deeper detox while you revel in the heady fragrances. De-scrub using a warm exfoliating mitt, before applying hand-harvested mud to your body, face and scalp. Sit and relax whilst the mud works its magic. Bursts of steam will fill the room allowing you to work the mud over your body, before an overhead water mist is released and a shower signals it's time to remove the mud. 


  • The Short Haul Journey (30 mins) Looking for a quick getaway? Our Short Haul Rasul journey is great for those looking for an express invigorating treatment. Step into our private tiled steam chamber where your choice of scented scrubs & mud await you… 
  • The Long Haul Journey (45 mins) This journey enjoys all of the above with the added luxury of your bespoke chosen body oil which will be placed outside of the private Rasul room ready for you to apply after showering, whether you opt for our calming, detoxifying, nourishing or invigorating oil blend, each contain key vitamins to hydrate and soften skin and to promote healthy ageing.
  • The Scrub & Rub (30 mins Rasul + 25 mins Massage) For ultimate pampering, the scrub & rub treatment includes a bespoke massage after your rasul journey in one of our calming treatment rooms, the 30 minute bespoke massage will be completely guided by your skin’s needs... 
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