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Photography Tuition

These courses are designed around you and what you want to acheive with your photography. Whatever level of photography you are at, be it a complete beginner or a serious amateur, Peter will tailor-make a Day or Half Day to suit your exact requirements. Washed out skies, under or over exposed shots, poor composition, understanding the relationship between ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed, the advantage of using a wide angle lens over a telephoto lens and vice versa, what does depth of field mean? These are just a few of the fundamental questions that Peter will be able to answer and help you with.

Together you will explore any area you have had difficulty with, refine your craft, organise your workflow or try something completely new. You won't acheive photographic perfection in one day but you will go away with the skills necessary to improve your photography. During your time together Peter will constantly review and critique your images, forcing you to think and push yourself.

Although based on Exmoor, Peter will travel to you if you wish (travel expenses will apply) or he will meet you at one of his favourite locations on Exmoor.

Half Day Tuition (4 Hours) £225

Full Day (8 Hours) to incl Packed Lunch £400


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