Bamboo Massage 40 min
Focusing on relieving specific stress and muscle tension using silky bamboo canes.
Spezia Pregnancy Pamper
90 minute treatment designed for pre and post pregnancy, this nuturing massage focuses on the lowerback, shoulders, upper neck and head including thelegs. Allowing 'Mum to be' a very special
Beach Beautiful
Get ready for the beach with a full body exfoliation massage, followed by a Zenspa Jessica Pedicure
Prepare to party
Prepare to party with our 2 hour 30 minute treatment. Gel overlay Manicure - Glita it up with a Glitter finish if you like!
Stress Therapy
For someone who deserves a little pampering our Stress Therapy treatment is the answer
Zen Spa Pedicure
Pedicures s are extremely popular for therapeutic medical and cosmetic purposes.
Top to Toe Treat
A perfect pamper half day package includes GELaration overlay manicure, Jessica Zenspa pedicure,Spiezia Radiance Facia, eyelash tint and eyebrowshape.
Precious Face & Feet Package
Pure indulgence, a luxury pedicure and facial then while you are enjoying your facial, your feet can be pampered in the thermal booties and finish with a toe paint
Mini Manicure
Mini Manicure, file, buff, cuticlework, hand & arm massage