Massage Or Knot Clinic has now moved to the Hotel Bristol

It was established in 2000 offering wide range of body treatments influenced by massage, therapeutic and healing techniques from China, Thailand, ancient Hawaii and Europe. With more than 25 years experience in therapy we will be honoured to help you to get well and stay well. All team members of Massage Or Knot are fully qualified therapists with years of experience in therapy field. We also provide after care nutrition advice as healing body within is essential part of healthy life. We offer wide range of CBD infused THERAPY which has become the most popular treatment selection with positive feedback from people suffering with Chronic pain, Arthritis, Anxiety and Depression, skin disorders and recently from Athletes, Surfers; Bodybuilders and people leading active life. We use Organics and full spectrum CBD oil, tested and licensed in UK.

Swedish Massage 50 min
Swedish massage can increase levels of oxygen in your blood, as well as improve blood circulation & body flexibility while easing tension & decreasing muscle toxins.
Pregnancy Massage 50 min
50 minute treatment Allowing 'Mum to be' a very special experience
Deep Tissue Massage 50 min
For the sports enthusiast
Relaxing Massage 50 min
For someone who deserves a little relaxation in their life
Therapeutic Massage 90 min
A unique massage journey
Superfood Facial 50 min
Super Pro Biotic Facial